Artist Biography - Cynthia Warden 

It is said the “Eyes are the windows to the Soul” and American artist Cynthia Warden’s paintings are known reflect that sentiment. Each painting whether human or animal captures the soul of the subject through their eyes. Some have commented that the paintings convey a confrontational aspect, and according to the artist that is the point. ”It is my desire to have the painting and the observer connect see and feel the emotion and spirit of the subject.

"I never know who or what emotion or message will come from the subject but that is the exciting part of the process and the underlining force of my work. I am always excited to see what they will communicate through me and with their eyes they can express so much,” states Warden.

Growing up in Seattle Washington, Warden graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Speech Communications. Early on her love of art and painting was evident. As a child and young adult her passion was always drawing and painting. Art and design have always been a passion and mainstay in her life.

After graduation from college she started Cynthia Warden Deigns and began her career as a successful accessory designer, Warden is well known for her unique and innovative fashion designs with major retailers including Nordstrom, Macy’s and more than 500 boutiques and chain stores throughout the US, UK and Japan. Many of her accessories have been featured in film, television and commercials.

In 2000, Warden moved to Los Angeles where she worked as an entertainment publicist. Her creative spirit was enriched and inspired by working with world renown artists including Marine Artist Wyland, and Kenyan artist and animal activist Anthony Russell, film directors, actors, and producers but she missed her own creative endeavors.

Self-taught Warden began her art career in late 2013 with a collection of watercolor portraits. She was presented an opportunity to showcase her work in West Hollywood, CA leading to sales of her pieces. In September 2016, four of her watercolor portraits were chosen by the director to be included in a feature film in Los Angeles. Her work can be seen in private homes and corporate offices in the US.

Warden’s art reflects her creative spirit and unique imagination and passion for the the craft.